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STIHL Equipment

At Hilbert's Equipment in Dallas, PA

With a commitment to providing customers high-quality power equipment at fair prices, STIHL Equipment is the brand to trust. Outdoor power equipment makes the work of homeowners and professionals easier than ever. We know STIHL Equipment isn’t your only choice, with plenty of other manufacturers on the market, but you won’t find the full package of exceptional equipment, affordable prices, and customer satisfaction that you get with STIHL. STIHL goes above and beyond to exceed expectations, no matter the type of equipment you need, whether it’s a chainsaw, drill, hedge trimmer, brushcutter, blower, lawn mower, or any other outdoor power equipment. Put away your worries and get the work that needs doing done with STIHL Equipment on your side.

At Hilbert’s Equipment and Welding, we carry a full range of STIHL Equipment for outdoor use. Whether you need the kind of power equipment to take care of serious work or just some added convenience when taking care of your home, you’ll find it at our location in Dallas, Pennsylvania, where we proudly serve Wilkes-Barre.

STIHL Attachments, Dallas, PA

Manage your landscape efficiently with these tough, convenient attachments. From edgers and trimmers to sweepers and pruners, these add-ons deliver comprehensive lawn care at a fraction of the cost.

STIHL Attachments
STIHL Blowers, Dallas, PA

Highly productive blowers provide comfort and power without the hassle. Choose from handheld or backpack models to find the unit best fit to your landscaping job as you get more done in less time than ever.

STIHL Blowers
STIHL Brushcutters, Dallas, PA

Built in comfort features combines with rugged design in these pro-level models, featuring four-point anti-vibration technology to fight user fatigue. Take advantage of the lightweight harness for extended use.

STIHL Brushcutters

STIHL Chainsaws, Dallas, PA

Find the right chainsaw for work around your property with one of these German-engineered powerhouses. These quality units are designed to be affordable while still including anti-vibration technology.

STIHL Chainsaws
STIHL Construction Tools, Dallas, PA

These portable tools are designed for rugged performance, with ergonomic grips and incredible cutting power. Plus, with great filtration and air intake, you’ll be set for smooth, clean cutting in any environment.

STIHL Construction Tools
STIHL Edgers, Dallas, PA

Powerful tools that sustain great durability and no-nonsense ease of use while delivering clean, crisp edges. Well balanced and easy to maintain, these affordable edgers are up for long days of hard work.

STIHL Edgers

STIHL Hand Tools, Dallas, PA

Built for comfortable use and ergonomic handling, these durable tools are your constant companion for any task. Whether you need something for delicate sculpting or heavy-duty log splitting, there is a quality hand tool for you.

STIHL Hand Tools

These high-quality units bring commercial-grade toughness while maintaining the considerations residential users need. Discover long-lasting units that bring high performance for a yard you’ll be proud of.

STIHL Lawn Mowers
STIHL Multitask Tools, Dallas, PA

Hand-held multi-task tools accept a wide range landscaping attachments, allowing you to handle anything your job throws at you. Easily switch between tools to cultivate, edge, prune, trim, blow, sweep and more!

STIHL Multitask Tools

STIHL Pole Pruners, Dallas, PA

Choose between fixed length units or telescoping shafts on fuel-efficient, low-emission pole prunes. Ideal for long days of heavy usage, these pruners provide consistency with no hassle in your routine.

STIHL Pole Pruners
STIHL Sprayers, Dallas, PA

With manual and powered backpack sprayers as well as handheld models, these units are easy to fill and feature innovative controls for precise application. These strong sprayers have you covered.

STIHL Sprayers
STIHL Trimmers, Dallas, PA

Your partner for quality trimming, these workhorses are built for all-day use. Powerful gas or battery powered engines combine with durable blades in a productive unit that keeps your comfort in mind.

STIHL Trimmers

STIHL Vacuums, Dallas, PA

Power through cluttered lawns with confidence thanks to these fuel-efficient units that deal with clippings and debris easier than ever. Doubling as a blower, these versatile vacuums make short work of yard cleanup.

STIHL Vacuums

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