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Here at Hilbert’s Equipment and Welding, Inc., we strive to offer our customers the best brands and products in the industry, which is why we make it a point to carry Gravely Equipment. These days, it can be difficult to find the level of precision, productivity, comfort, and performance that you receive when you invest in Gravely Equipment. After a product is initially released, Gravely continues working to provide customers with any improvements that would enhance their overall experience. Residential homeowners and professional landscapers both turn to Gravely with unwavering confidence in a reputable company that’s been hard at work for over 100 years now.

What’s so unique about Gravely is all of their best-selling products are designed after listening to what customers have to say. Feedback is taken seriously in order to create machines that provide all-day comfort and unmatched precision. These products are built to work harder and faster than the competitor. You’ll love having a tough machine that’s efficient, durable, and dependable whenever you need it. You’ll certainly be impressed at the constant innovation that occurs in the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.

If you’re ready to check out our Gravely inventory, be sure to stop by Hilbert’s Equipment and Welding, Inc. in Dallas, PA near Wilkes-Barre. We’d be happy to show you the different Gravely products we have for sale at our dealership and answer any questions you might have to help you reach a decision. We carry Gravely lawn mowers, lawn tractors, utility vehicles, and more! You can take advantage of our convenient parts and service departments while you’re here, too.

Learn More About Gravely Mowers:

Pro-Stance® Mowers

If you’ve been eager to take your mowing experience to new heights, you’ll want to check out the Gravely Pro-Stance® mowers. These powerful machines are built with versatility in mind, so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to take on any job, no matter how challenging. Features include an adjustable deck with smooth suspension, so you can count on all-day comfort with a Pro-Stance® mower.

Pro-Turn® Mowers

When it’s a durable yet maneuverable zero-turn mower you’re after, you’ll want to consider the Gravely Pro-Turn® mowers. These incredible models are readily equipped with an amazingly powerful frame and a smooth ride, so you’re sure to outperform and outlast any competitor on the market. There is no task too big or stall for the Gravely Pro-Turn® mowers. If you’re ready for the ultimate mowing experience, ask us about these models today.

Pro-Walk® Mowers

For a walk-behind mower that boasts toughness that’s going to perform in any condition, be sure to look into the Gravely Pro-Walk® mowers. These beastly machines have been totally redesigned and ready to tackle any job that you might have in mind. As an added bonus, they’re extremely to use and maintain. Who doesn’t love that? You definitely don’t want to miss out on the Gravely Pro-Walk® mowers.

Compact Pro® Mowers

We understand that there are certain jobs that are delicate and require an extremely nimble machine, and that’s where the Gravely Compact Pro® Mowers come to the rescue. You can navigate even the tightest spaces with this reliable mower. For example, you’ll have no trouble slipping through a 36” gate. The great part is you don’t have to sacrifice any power in the process.

Gravely ZT Mowers

Your expectations will certainly be exceeded when you invest in the Gravely ZT Mower. This machine boasts an unmatched level of precision, comfort, and speed with every cut. Let’s not forget they’ve even been built to meet commercial standards when it comes to durability and power. This mower might live and breathe commercial power, but it will be perfect for any residential job you have in mind, too.

Pro-QXT™ Tractors

There comes a time when you need versatility that knows no bounds, and that’s when you should choose the Gravely Pro-QXT™ Tractor. You’ll be equipped with maximum maneuverability, so you can feel confident in taking on any commercial-grade jobs that come your way. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re going to get the job done right every time. Choose the Pro-QXT™ Tractor when you’re ready for precision like never before.

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